If a tree can cling to Rocky precipice situations, without fear of falling or failure,

   If a tree can live in the most devoid of lands and still find it within itself to sing when wrecked with even the faintest breeze,

   If a tree can stand against all the heavy rain and stand unmoved, undaunted, immovable, unflinchingly steadfast by hail and thunder while creating a safe home for thousands of other beings,

   If a tree can stand tall against the powerful winters might, fighting day after day against the merciless wind and remain impassive with peaceful reverence and courage years after years,

   If a tree can endure the pounding heat of the Mid-summer sun and stand unmoved with harmonious conviction,

   If a tree can find its way to the sky through torment and still be fragrant in the light breeze,

   If a tree can have such unfathomable, unmeasured, unrelenting valor and withstand the harsh tests of its environment and live to a ripe old age,

   If a tree can adapt to its environment by changing, just enough to oversee another season pass and doing it while creating beauty for the entire world to enjoy,

   If a tree can execute unwavering confidence even after his friends have perished and can stand with silent grandeur in their absence,

   If a tree can root itself so firmly to the ground that even a fearsome hurricane fails to uproot it,

   If a tree can point to heaven even after lengthy years of clouding skies and wait so patiently, 

   If a tree can breathe life into the forest around it and only just one day fall so that others may live,

Then who says you can’t? Who says I can’t?       

Yes! You Can!

Yes! I can!

Yes! We can!

      You can be that tree figuratively! Never doubt your abilities because we are created with unique thousands of Gifts! Discover yourself and YOU will be that Tree🌲! You have the abilities to withstand challenges if truly you want to!



  • Uduak
    Posted at 20:29h, 01 April Reply

    Very true brotherly. An inspirational writeup,Weldon.

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